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iRM - icom Router Management

Keep every icom Smart Device up-to-date with icom Router Management
icom Router Management enables IT admins and technicians to plan, execute and confirm mass rollouts of updates to icom Smart Devices from a central location. All Update-Jobs are also documented. The system enables updates to device firmware, rollout of edge computing applications, incremental changes to device configurations and deployment of new certificates.

Cloud-based icom Router Management performs update jobs using resources stored in a secure repository and maintains update job and device event logs for process auditing and network trouble-
shooting. icom Router Management is a practical support when extended functions of the icom Smart Devices are used including complex device configuration and rollout of edge computing applications. icom Router Management is the perfect complement for icom Smart Devices.
Key Benefits
  • Save time and money performing updates
  • Quick and easy rollout of firmware updates, configurations, security certificates and applications
  • Respond immediately to new security threat
  • Avoid expensive errors and time-consuming diagnoses
  • Extend the lifecycle of installed icom Smart Devices
  • Harness advanced device capabilities easier

Save time and money performing updates especially as device populations increase

+ high adherence to schedules + optimized process ow + easy to reach break-even point

Simplify rollouts
Centrally manage pre-configured update packets including firmware, configurations, edge computing applications and security certificates in a central repository. Apply changes to multiple devices simultaneously.

Respond immediately to new security threats
Enhance security through firewall changes or a complete refresh of all security certificates in every device by executing an update job to protect all devices, on-demand with just a few clicks.

Avoid expensive errors and timeconsuming diagnoses
Repeated updates to individual devices quickly becomes tiresome and error-prone. Avoid mistakes with automated update jobs that log update job and device events
to help troubleshoot unexpected network behaviors.
Extend the lifecycle of installed icom Smart Devices
Industrial IoT is changing at a rapid pace. icom Router Management protects your investment
by keeping every icom Smart Device up-to-date running the latest firmware and applications.

Harness advanced device capabilities easier
icom Smart Devices are very versatile. With icom Router Management extended functionalities are much easier to handle and multiply. Some of the possibilities by using icom Router Management are described below:
Advanced capabilities of icom Smart Devices
Network Topics
Edge computing applications
  • Creating a certificate structure using XCA How to protect the connection to the e-mail server using a certificate
Additional Features
  • Storing and restoring settings (managing profiles) Configuring time-dependent actions (alive e-mail) Automated fallback upon configuration change Creating custom update packets
INSYS icom Router Management for Device ManagementiRM 1 yeariRM 2 years
Central device management
Application access
Device registration
Resource management
Device configuration and updates
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